Web Design

  • Responsive Website
  • Modern Design
  • CMS Web Design
  • Wordpress Blog / Portfolio
  • Ecommence Website
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly


  • Website Mangement
  • Web page Hosting
  • Custom Domain Name
  • MySQL Database
  • Data Mangement
  • Revisions & Updates

Client Service

  • Affordable Price
  • Product Photography
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • In Person Meeting (Kent)
  • SEO & Google Map Submission
  • Facebook & Twitter Setup

Technical Skill

Front Web Development


HTML abbreviation for Hyper Text Mark-up Language as the name suggest it is an mark-up language, it structures your content on a webpage similar to how you would structure text on a word processor, e.g. Heading, Tables, Forms, paragraph etc. At the heart of every web page is HTML.

CSS stands for Cascade Style Sheet, it describes how HTML is displayed on a webpage. In other words, just plain HTML will look ugly and CSS makes it beautiful. You can see CSS in action on this page; the colours, the shadow effect when you over the skill bars to the navigation bar sticking to the top of the page and when it’s at the top of the page it becomes transparent are the work of CSS

JavaScript, unlike the other two above JavaScript (commonly abbreviated to JS) is a programming language so what you can do with this is limitless. However, when it comes to front end web development JS is mainly used to make websites more interactive. The first thing you might have seen is the self-typing home page, this of course and any animation you see on this page has been down with JavaScript.

Database CMS Frameworks

SQL Database
Bootstrap 4

SQL abbreviates for structured query language. MySQL is a web database constructed around the SQL language. It is usually primarily for business to store client and business data, which can be accessed remoted and by the website using PHP, ASP etc WordPress is one of the most popular and versatile content management system out there, it’s extremely useful when a website needs to be updated on a regular basis such as but not limited to; e-commence, blogs, portfolio, product review etc Bootstrap is an open source front end web development framework

Computer System Engineering

PC Repairs

When you combine best of both worlds anything can be achieved. Hardware and software are 2 faces of the same coin, one simply cannot exist without the other, so understanding both gives greater understanding and this is what my university degree encapsulates. Arduino is an open source hardware and software system they have their own programming language based of C / Java to control the micro controller.

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